Here are a random bunch of articles I found interesting and believe could be helpful. Please forgive the complete lack of organization, this section is work in progress!! Also, if you find this helpful, check back periodically as ill be adding new content all the time. If there is a subject you are particularly interested in and want more information on.. feel free to email me.

The “addiction spectrum” challenges you to think about substance abuse differently by Emily Laurance

Self Help Techniques For Coping With Mental Illness by Emmie Pombo

How To Cope With Addiction When We Also Have Depression by Blurt It Out

Five Ways to Get the Most Out of Therapy by Sarah Noel, MS, LMHC:

It’s OK That I Don’t Drink. It’s Not OK That You Ask Why by Beatriz Alegria

Make Yourself Immune to Secondhand Stress by Shawn Achor

A Guided Meditation to Label Difficult Emotions by Christopher Germer

Does A 'New Year' Have To Mean A 'New Me'? by Sarah Cardwell

Five Easy Ways To Boost Your Mental Health In 2019 by Noma Nazish

Self-appreciation is the foundation of life by Gustavo Razzetti

Switching between devices is associated with poorer attention and memory by The Conversation

Childhood adversity linked to reduced inhibitory control and alterations in key brain networks by Eric W. Dolan

Seeing Beyond Depression by Edward Bullmore M.D

Misconceptions About Antidepressants Are Still Rife – Here's My Experience On Medication by Elie Pool

Venus Williams: Confidence Can Be Learned by Venus Williams

Skipping Steps But Meeting Goals by Recovery Research Institute

Do Reasons For NOT Seeking Treatment Depend on the Severity of the Alcohol Use Disorder? by Recovery Research Institute

What the holidays are like for a recovering alcoholic like me by Helaina Hovitz

Toxic, Chronic Shame: What It’s Like to Live with It by Darius Cikanavicius

Is it OK to walk away from your career for the sake of your mental health? by Reina Gattuso.