About me

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I was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. When I was sixteen I watched my brother begin to struggle with a substance abuse issue at a time when heroin and ecstasy abuse was rampant in Ireland. As the years passed, I witnessed the effects of his addiction on his life and on those of us who loved him dearly. This experience affected me profoundly and inspired me to help those affected by addiction in Ireland. Years later, I became certified as a drug and alcohol counselor/therapist and began my career in a small drug addiction treatment center.

I then received a BA in Counseling and Psychotherapy from the Irish College of Humanities and Applied Sciences and later obtained a Masters of Social Work from the Catholic University of America.

I have over fifteen years of professional experience in a variety of behavioral health settings, such as inpatient, outpatient and private practice. In addition to substance abuse issues, I have developed extensive skill in treating anxiety, trauma, depression and stress and anger management.

After a loss in my family eleven years ago, I took a sabbatical, which turned into a two year adventure surfing and traveling in South and Central America. During this trip I met my wife and, after a brief return to Ireland, we relocated to the Bay Area (via Washington D.C.). We now reside in Oakland with our daughter.

In my free time, I am an avid surfer, a modest hiker, and a lover of new adventures (thought since starting a family my adventures have been limited to changing diapers!).